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Classes & Staff

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. All staff have a Google Classroom for students to access.  To login, please use the Google Drive Icon on the main page.  You will need your son or daughter's SCDSB username and password.

2022-2023 Alcona Glen Staff

Position Name
PrincipalA. Tervit
A. Hughes and J. White-McKenna (0.5)
A. Antal/ , S. Mattsson/ A. Glauser, S. Himes/ W. Wintemute, S. Sera/ E. Vander Kooji, M. McKeon/ J. Parazader, E. McConnachie/ 
Grade 1
S. Monkhouse, S. Rorke (Grade 1/2), M. Thorpe, L. Smilsky
​Grade 2
A. Cole, C. Davis, C. Hunt (Grade 2/3), S. Rorke (Grade 1/2), A. Selles
Grade 3
K. Dekker, C. Hunt (Grade 2/3), C. Mulhall, M. O'Leary, D. Otway
Grade 4
J. Koomar, M. Meiklejohn, S. Rannka
Grade 4/5
L. Brett
Grade 5
L. Brennan, R. McLelland, S. Savoia 
​Grade 6
K. Baulke, S. Maglaris, K. Wright
Grade 7
M. Duff, K. Neisleszeruk, P. VanderVeen
Grade 8
C. Miles, B. Ryan, J. Winter
T. Hunter, P. Maurice, B. Osborne
SERTA. Beauchamp, M. Coniam, S. Croucher, C. Murray
Planning Time
 M. Boc (Kindergarten), L. Bone (Primary), B. Davies (Primary), M. McDowell (Kindergarten/ Primary), C. Murray (Junior/ Intermediate)
LibraryC. Carkner
Educational Assistants
A. Commisso, G. More, V. Long, J. Murray, S. Savoy, J. Sutton
Custodial Staff

Office Staff
J. Donner, L. McCallum, J. Morden
CYWA. Simminato