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Hello Alcona Glen Families,

On Monday, October 4th we will be having our first School Council Meeting of the Year via Zoom at 6:30 pm. At that time, we will form our Alcona Glen School Council through acclamation, however, should our nominations for this year exceed the number of seats on school council, a virtual election will take place.  Details would follow closer to the date, if an election is required. 

We encourage our families to stay connected through Council.  Appointed and/or elected members will vote on the various motions raised.  If you would like to attend a Council Meeting, but not be a voting member, you are welcome to be part of the monthly meetings as a visitor/guest. We will send out a monthly reminder of our meeting dates in advance and will send  a Zoom meeting link to those who RSVP. 

If you are interested in being a parent/guardian representative or a community representative, please complete the attached nomination form and scan and send to or send a copy with your child to school for delivery to the office.  Nominations need to be received by the end of the day on  Friday, October 1st or scanned copies by Sunday, October 3rd.  On Monday, October 4th, we will share out instructions for our election (if necessary) and/or our Zoom link.

We look forward to connecting with returning families and meeting with our new Alcona Glen community too!

FORM A7200 - 3 School Council Parent Candidate Nomination Form.pdf 

Alcona Glen Mobile Device Policy

Monday, November 4, 2019
Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Monday, September 28, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians

Attached is the link to the parents' guide to the Ontario Code of Conduct.

Standards of Behaviour
Respect, civility and responsible citizenship
All school members must:

  • respect the need of others to work in an environment that is conducive to learning and teaching, including by ensuring that cellphones and other personal mobile devices are only used during instructional time for educational purposes (as directed by an educator), for health and medical purposes and/or to support special education needs

These rules are in place to support student learning and safety. Some students have engaged in using video, games and/or photos at inappropriate times and places such as in class, on the yard or in the washroom. We have had many issues with students texting during class, accessing websites/materials that are not appropriate and using phones to disrupt.

Students will be permitted 5 minutes to check their phones for messages at the beginning of each nutrition break.  If students are unable to check at this time, no additional time will be given, they must wait until the next nutrition break or the end of the day.  Parents must be aware that students will be unable to respond to any messages outside of these periods.  Of course, there are times when emergencies arise outside of these times and a call is necessary. Parents must call the office in these circumstances as students will not be permitted to respond on their mobile devices.

When students arrive at school, the phones are to be turned off and put away, even on the yard. This will allow more face to face time for students and promote healthier relationships for all. These expectations are being put into place in order to ensure that we are protecting the learning environment for all students.

The following are the consequences that will be enforced:

  • First Occurrence – the device will be removed from the student and sent to the office for storage.  The student will have a discussion to review the Acceptable Use Policy and guest wireless access, and a record of the infraction will be kept on file in the office.  The device will be returned to the student.

  • Second Occurrence – the device will be removed from the student and sent to the office for storage.  The device will be returned when a discussion has occurred with the student and a parent/guardian to review the Acceptable Use Policy and guest wireless access, noting access may be denied.  A record of the infraction will be kept in the office.

  • Third Occurrence – the guest wireless access for that student will be denied and having personal electronic devices at school will be suspended for a designated period of time.  A record of the occurrence will be maintained in the office.


    Beyond these, individual decisions will be made as to whether the phone will be permitted back at school at all and/or if a suspension is necessary due to opposition to authority and/or conduct injurious to the moral tone/well-being of others.

    Finally, the school is not responsible in any way for lost, broken, damaged or stolen phones as they are not a necessity at school and if a child and parent decide to send it they are agreeing to this policy.

    We thank you for your cooperation, support and working with your child to determine what is best for them in developing responsible and healthy habits.
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